IMs Alan Merry v Richard Pert in Round 4 [Photo: Ian Hunable]The open Open

After four rounds of the 61st Southend Easter Congress, the FIDE Open could not be more open. No player has 100% and all 67 players have scored at least half a point. There is a leading group of five players on 3½, headed by Essex star IM Richard Pert on tie-break and including GMs Timur Gareyev and Mark Hebden, with a further 10 players on 3.

The Pert family have further good news with Richard's daughter Nina leading the U95 category also on 3½/4. Fifty-six players are competing in the four ECF graded sections, making 123 entries in total, identical to last year.

There were some lively games on the three Internet boards, the highlight for the group watching on the screen in the Commentary Room (aka the Congress Office) being Mark Hebden's escape from a dubious-looking position against IM Richard Bates.

We are adding games to the Live Games for the Open games database, but with a workforce of one on this task at the moment, it will be a slow process and unlikely to be finished until after the Congress; be patient, all the games will appear eventually. Those that are available now, can be downloaded from the link below of the Live Games board (link below).

There are three more rounds, the event finishing on Monday 17th.

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